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    Wondering where to go out for some safe & sexy fun? Look no further.


Hey! I’m Adeera and I'm a queer androgynous Arab sex blogger living in Berlin who writes about conversations and ridiculous situations that one could find themselves in. This blog is meant to represent positive and celebratory (rather than ultimately tragic and depressing) stories of lesbian and queer female* Arab & POC explorers, deviants, lovers, night-owls, and morning-cummers that make-up both me and my friends’ adult lives.  I also write about sex toys, events, and any other sexy thing that gets me off!

Why Adeera?

Adeera is a word that stems from the Arabic word قادر (qader) and means someone who is “capable of” [something]. It is widely used within the Levant (particular Lebanese and Syrian) LGBTQ+ communities as a slang word to celebrate and highlight moments in which a person within a group does or says the right thing at the right time.

*Support your sisters not just cis-ters: Femaleon this blog is representative of all those who define and identify as such regardless of their supposed perceived gender.

Fingering Antics


Shantay You Stay vs. Sashay Away
Find out here which toys I think you should dump and which should go down in Herstory.

Berlin Events: Sexing It Up

A collection of sex-positive events happening in Berlin (porn screenings, sex parties, workshops, or event lectures) & my thoughts on those I actually make it to.

Fingering Myself, Fingering Others

What's going on in my bedroom & outside of it?


Got a hot and raunchy story you’re dying to get off your tits? Tried a sex toy and have something to say? Send it my way. This is a platform for your BPOC, Queer, Feminist, and Empowering sexual experiences.

Toy Reviews

Find out here which toys my vagina thinks you should put a ring on and which should sashay away forever.

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